April 24, 2024


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3XCapital LIVE withdrawal and update !

Hi there, its Pamela here today im back again, to talk to you about 3Xcapital. It’s a followup on my last, uh, 3X capital video. I’m going to teach you today how to do a withdrawal. Now I’ve started on futurecashclub.com. And I’m going to tell you about that at the end of this video, it’s a short little video. So what I’m going to do right now is to withdraw money from my 3X capital. I’m going to sign in. Now I have a pin from the Google authenticator. Everyone will have one. So I’ll just put that in there. One moment, This is very, very simple. And then you hit authenticate and I’ve been withdrawing money every single day. So now I’m at my dashboard. The dashboard here at 3X capital will show you a lot of information. My active deposits, as you can see are 5,000 and I have a balance to withdrawal of 94.

So there’s a lot of information you can get from the dashboard alone. So go up here and click on withdraw. Now you give it a moment. Yes, yes. So here it says, um, I, once again, I had to put in my authenticating number. Once again, as you can see, the Bitcoin address is above there and there is, this is the withdraw screen and I go up to amount to withdraw and I hit the up, up, up up, up arrow. Cause I’m withdrawing $94, good jobs and hit submit. You’re pretty much done, but I’ll, I’ll follow through here. Uh, now it says your withdraw at the top, there has been successful. And I go back to my dashboard. Uh, there’s lots of things you can do on this screen, as you can tell. Now, see, my balance is now zero. So I’ve taken out my money once again today, uh, it gives you lots of every minute total investments, total registered trades made, user information. This, this will be your main hub for 3X capital. And this is my earnings log. How about we have a look at that? I’m very proud of that one, but all the times 93, 93, I took out daily. I’m so happy and so proud because I am new at this, but I seem to be doing well at this point. Uh, more earnings, more earnings. Theres an earnings log,

There’s news. There’s affiliate. We’ve got back to the dashboard. We’ve got a support center as well. So I need to let you know about that because it’s very, very important where you can get the help you need and information you need at any point, if you need to withdraw deposit or anything really, uh, they’re very, very good. This site is wonderful. It’s called discord. So here I go into that, this is the support screen, one moment, one moment. And I’m connecting. There we go. Uh, people have lots of questions, payments of proof, people ask, uh, uh, there’s all kinds of questions. You can ask anything you really want. Uh, payment proof is a very important leg, uh, very important, uh, report bugs or errors. they have got all kinds of things you can look at. So at any time you’re not on your own, they’re there to help.

So now let’s see, uh, back up and on the dashboard and out ! Here again, I’m back at futurecashclub.com. Uh, you can, this is a, uh, an exchange for Bitcoin, uh, very, very important. Uh, at any time you can follow us and give us a comment or follow us on any other social site on here. As you can see, like bitchute, bitube, cocoscope, uh, flote, Facebook, library, minds .

All kinds of coins we exchange right on this site. And we are partnered with coinswitch. Um, and we are, we have UNISWAP. So based on Ethereum, so, uh, subscribe to futurecashclub.com and get cash for your future today.! Thank you.